Brooke Street Pier has existed in various forms for over 150 years. Records of original pier and wharf structures can be found as far back as the 1820’s.

The original ferry terminal was at Waterman’s Dock, located just to the west of Brooke Street Pier, which has since grown into Murray Street Pier. The current pier structure dates back to the 1960’s.

Trade has always been an integral part of Brooke Street Pier’s history. The developers are keen to rekindle the spirit of the old, and deliver a new Brooke Street Pier where unique Tasmanian businesses can thrive.

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A new waterside space for hobart A building and a boat A four storey floating pier

The new Brooke Street Pier is a four storey floating pier.

It is both a building and a boat.

The concept recreates the former Brooke Street Pier with a modern innovative interpretation - using the maritime heritage and architecture of the precinct to deliver a new, vibrant working cruise/ferry centre.

The floating terminal is in essence a large floating barge, 80m long by 20m wide, on which sits the new lightweight diaphanous building.

The terminal thus rises and falls with the tide. This means that the structure will never be affected by global warming, although it will be low and close to the waterline.

The lightweight translucent/ transparent skin of the upper building acts like a conservatory in creating a passively heated indoor environment, which is augmented by hydronic heating cooling systems utilising the constant water temperatures under the pier itself.

The concept creates a new waterside space for the people of Hobart and for visitors from beyond - recreating a former pier as a new tourism transport hub, providing upgraded facilities for ferry users and operators and a much enhanced public facility for the community to enjoy.

A new pedestrian friendly forecourt - closed off to most vehicle traffic - is a welcome addition the project. This is a major step forward in creating a more urbane waterfront for Hobart. It is simply - totally unique.

CIRCA Morris-Nunn Architecture


TRADE is a market space home to unique, boutique, Tasmanian businesses.

Each TRADER hires a space in an open plan, indoor space. Flexible leases are available - from one month to three years.

If you, or you and a friend are interested in becoming a Brooke Street Pier TRADER, contact us via the online enquiry form.

Current TRADERS are listed within the KNOCK KNOCK WHO’S THERE? section of this here website.

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